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At 200 meters height, just below the Rocca di Perti, famous above all for being the destination of rock-climbers coming from all  over Europe, is situated the Agricultural farm "La Torre", in an area of great historical interest, between the Castel Gavone and the Chiesa dei 5 Campanili.



The farm exists since the XIX century, but it had the greater development between the end of XIX cenury and the beginning of the XX century, when the Chiazzari family built  the famous Tower still existing and visitable from which the firm takes the name.



In the 1970 it was purchased from the Ivaldi family and in a few years the son Gianluca transformed it in an agricultural farm specialized in the production of extra-virgin olive oil, thanks to the new plantations of about 500 plants of "taggiasca" quality arranged in lines with new and modern irrigation systems.


The very sunny area, and the particularly rocky and dry ground , give a production limited in quantity but excellent in quality.


Azienda agricola La Torre